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« Proper nutrition, basis of a productive human capital, conveyor of social development and
economic development ».

Good nutrition during the scale of the first 1000 days of a child guarantees a proper cognitive and physical development. The care for the mother and child during this period is therefore essential. Madagascar thus has a lot more productive human resource through a significant malnutrition reduction. The implementation of a human quality resource becomes integrated into the logic of reconstruction of the country in a context of exit of crisis. Economic development and social  development  must then have interactions to converge to-wards
inclusive and sustainable growth..

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Liste des projets




  1. Amélioration des conditions nutritionelles des enfants de moins de 2 ans
123 400 000
  1. Amélioration des conditions nutritionelles des femmes enceintes
246 700 000
  1. Amélioration des conditions nutritionnelles de la population en général
    Coordination, suivi et évaluation des politiques et stratégies
27 560 000
Total                397 660 000  

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