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Eau, Hygiène et Assainissement




The current efforts of the Government of Madagascar (GoM) and the leading actors are leading to a situation in which increased forward momentum is possible. In alignment with the PND62 and SDGs63 Madagascar has the vision to achieve the universal access in water and sanitation for all.

“All of Madagascar’s population should be able to enjoy the use of safe and adequate sanitation and water supply services, and to practice good hygiene by 2030”

Madagascar aims to become a model country with a universel1 access to Drinking Water , Sanitation and Hygiene adoption of rules by the entire population to better health and a sustainable development.

Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene 's mission is to design, guide, manage, coordinate, harmonize , implement and monitor of the General State Policy in the WASH sector . It prioritizes sustainability of access to drinking Water and Sanitation and Hygiene infrastructures taking into account the context of climate change...

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Liste des projets

  1. Transfert des eaux du fleuve Mandrare vers le bassin d’Ambovombe
585 750 000
  1. Construction du pipeline Antsira-Ambondro
6 775 755
  1. Réalisation d'adduction d'eau potable sur forage à gros débits dans la Région Androy et District d'Ambovombe, Bekily, Beloha et Tsihombe
168 523
  1. Adduction d'eau potable par la mise en place d'un pipeline reliant le forage du village d'Antreake et la Commune rurale d'Ikopoke
89 846
  1. Construction du pipeline Bemamba-Ambovombe-Antaritarika (incluant 9 communes dans le District d'Ambovombe)
24 143 352
  1. Mise en place du pipeline Mandrare- Sampoina
342 751
  1. Développement de l’accès aux infrastructures d’assainissement
11 078 300
  1. Construction de latrines institutionnelles au niveau des CSB, écoles et lieux publics
18 853 000
             Total                    647 201 527

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